Flood Light

Flood Light

LED Flood Light is an ideal light to illuminate any industrial yard, open car park, building façades, signs for business or for night time security. These fixtures are specially designed to be wall or ceilings mounted and have a perfect high intensity light, with 120-degree wide beam angle to cover maximum area.

Wattage available: 80w, 100w, 150w, 185w, 240w, 300w

Long Life & Energy Efficient

LED flood lights employ lamps that are designed for long life outdoor. Energy efficient and low power consumption means low running cost, allows you to illuminate your yard or building façade all night. Keeping your building more secure. Why switch off, when you can keep it ON all night and still save on you energy bills.

Our lights offer security with style, with 2-colour temperature to choose from 3000K or 5000K. It’s an ideal replacement for traditional Metal Halide Flood Light consuming almost 3 times more power.

With Government offering incentives that reduce the monetary burden on your investment in LED Lights significantly, now is the perfect time to swap your Lights.

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Here at SunLED Energy, we offer a wide range of the newest LED technology on the market designed to meet the needs of all businesses big and small. Our lights are tested to meet all Australian standards and backed by up to 5 year’s warranty in the unlikely event of product failure.

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