Car Park Lights

Sunled, specializes in industrial LED lighting solutions and our parking lighting range includes the new, LED floodlights and T8 Tubes. Sunled, has a versatile and low energy-efficient solution for you, whether you want indoor, outdoor or underground LED lighting.


Why use LED for CAR PARK

Outdoor and underground car parks offer significant opportunities to save energy costs and increase maintenance cycles by improvements to LED lighting systems with up to 24/7 operating hours.

Generous Government Incentive:
Get up to 70% reduction in the cost.

Minimize Unwanted Lighting:
Move from 24/7 lighting to LED smart sensor control lights. Your light will only turn on when it detects any presence.

No / Low Maintenance:
LED light have a long life span and need less maintenance to compare to traditional lights.

Up-to 90% Saving: LED Lights:
Lower Wattage + Sensor = Up-to 90% Saving + Better Illumination.

5 Years Warranty:
LED lights have 5 years warranty making it more reliable choice.

Safer Place:
Well illuminated car park and Fire exit staircase is more safe and secure.


Installing dimming sensor to existing 24 hours x 7 days operated car park lights can help reduce the total energy saving by up to 90%.

We can set various configuration setting with different dimming options and flexible stand by times. This can lead to a great customisable option for different area within the car park and fire exits.

Experienced in Delivering Results
Total Projects Completed – 7500+

Strata companies we’ve worked with

  • One Steel
  • ARC
  • BP
  • CSR
  • JR Richards
  • ARB
  • Australia Post

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