Project Details

Lighting costs were a major concern for BP Enfield. They had 2X400 Watt Mercury Vapour Floodlights and 11X400 Watt Metal Halide Canopy Lights in their refuelling area as well as 4X50 Watt Halogen Downlights, 7X150 Watt Metal Halides and 11X56 Watt Panel Lights in their store that were operating for long hours 7 days a week.

Sunled replaced those lights with 2X150 Watt LED High bays, 11X120 Watt LED Canopy Lights, 4X8 Watt LED Downlights, 7X35 Watt LED Shopfitters and 11X35 Watt LED Panel Lights. These lights cut down on their power usage by more than 50% while also reducing required maintenance costs, resulting in huge annual savings.

Before LED

After LED

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