Project Details

Favelle Favco’s production manager in Prestons was looking for a way to significantly reduce the cost incurred by the old 940W and 1000W lights used at their warehouse and improve the general quality of lighting at their office.

SunLED supplied a mix of 100W, 120W and 150W LED lights depending on Favelle’s needs to replace the existing 165 Highbay and Floodlights at the warehouse while also refurbishing the office area with 245 brand new LED panel lights.

Due to the implementation of LED lights for Favelle’s entire facility, the company now saves over $44000 in electricity and maintenance costs on a yearly basis. They now enjoy quality lighting both at their warehouse and office. Not only does this help save the company money that can now be spent on improvising their products but also ensures that their employees have better lighting to conduct their work.

Before LED

After LED

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